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Introduction to Diet Power

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Log Your Meals in 5 Minutes a Day

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


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Abbreviations, Food

Abdominal Pain (Cramps)


Accessories, Diet, Where to Buy

Active Wellness Programs, Using Diet Power with

Advisory Board, Diet Power's Scientific

Aging and Nutrition



Allowances, Personal Daily (PDAs)

Allowances, Personal Daily (PDAs), Editing Your

American Heart Association Diet, Using Diet Power with


Anticoagulant Therapy


Appetite, Loss of

Arm or Leg Pain

Atkins Diet, Using Diet Power with


Birth Defects

Birthday, What to Do on Your

Bleeding Gums

Bleeding Under the Skin

Blindness, Night

Blood, Clotting of

Blood Pressure, High

Body History

Body Log, Setting Up Your

Body Log, Using Your

Body Mass Index (BMI), Finding Your

Bone Disease

Bone Pain


Burnett's Syndrome

Buttons, Toolbar

Buttons, Toolbar, Switching on and off

Buying Diet Power


Calcium, Excess in Blood

Calcium Deposits

Calculator, Windows


Calorie Bank

Calorie Budget

Calorie Miscalculation

Calorie Tally


Calories, Earning Extra


Carbohydrate, Complex

Carbohydrate, Simple

Carbohydrate, Total

Cardiovascular Disease

Categories, Food


Cholesterol, Levels in Blood

Clotting, Blood


Coach, Food

Coach, Your Personal Nutrition

Cold, Adaptation to

Color Display Settings, Changing Your

Confusion, Mental

Contacting Diet Power, Inc.

Coach, Food

Converting Units of Measure

Cooking Light Cookbook, Using Diet Power with

Coordination, Muscle


Copying Diet Power

Correcting Mistakes on Past Dates

Cramps, Abdominal

Cramps, Muscle


Cursors, Missing

Custom Variables, Setting Up Your

Cystic Fibrosis

Daily Allowances, Personal (PDAs)

Daily Allowances, Personal (PDAs), Editing Your

Daily Values

Date, How to Change Your Working

Date Changes at Midnight, How to Handle



Deleting a User


Dexatrim, Using Diet Power with




Dictionaries, Searching the

Dictionary, Exercise

Dictionary, Food

Diet, Balancing Your

Diet, Confirming a New

Diet, Confirming Your First

Diet Description

Diet, Designing a New

Diet, Designing Your First

Diet Center Programs, Using Diet Power with

Diet History, Your

Dietary Fiber

Diet Power, Buying

Diet Power Dealer, Becoming a

Diet Power, Inc., Contacting

Diet Power, Other Editions of

Diet Power Users, Meeting Other

DietSmart, Using Diet Power with

DietWatch, Using Diet Power with

Different User, Switching to a

Display Settings, Changing Your Color

Dizziness (Vertigo)


Drugs, Using Diet Power With

Duration Editor

Duration Editor with Speed and Distance

eDiets, Using Diet Power with

Elderly, Nutrition Concerns of the


E-mailing Your Records

Enrolling a New User

Exercise, Aerobic

Exercise Dictionary

Exercise Dictionary, Adding Items to

Exercise Dictionary, Deleting Exercises from

Exercise Dictionary, Editing Items in

Exercise Dictionary, Editing Copies of Items in

Exercise Log

Extending Your Free Trial

Fast Foods, Nutrition Information on

Fat, Monounsaturated

Fat, Polyunsaturated

Fat, Saturated

Fat, Total



Fiber, Dietary

Finding Foods, Recipes, and Exercises in the Dictionaries



Food Categories

Food Coach

Food Dictionary

Food Dictionary, Abridging and Unabridging

Food Dictionary, Adding Foods to

Food Dictionary, Adding Recipes to

Food Dictionary, Deleting Foods from

Food Dictionary, Editing Foods in

Food Dictionary, Editing Copies of Items in

Food for Thought

Food Labels

Food Log

Foods, Filling in Nutrients, Etc., when Creating or Editing

Forums, Diet Power

Free Trial, Extending Your

Free Trial Copy, Converting to Permanent Version

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Gallery, Diet Power's Success

Gas, Intestinal


Glucocorticoid Therapy

Goal, Weight, Setting Your

Goals, Nutrition, Setting Your

Growth, Poor

Gums, Bleeding

Hair Loss

Hair, Reddening of

Hand Tremors


Healing, Slow

Health Shop, Diet Power's

Heart Disease

Heartbeat, Irregular

Help a Friend (and Make $$$)

Help, Using

Herbalife, Using Diet Power with

Home Screen, Choosing Your

Home Screen, Using Your

Hot Keys






Icon, Installing a Household

Icon, Installing a Personal

Ideal Weight

Immune System, Impaired


Installation Disks, Making

Installation Number, How to Find

International Units (IUs)

Introduction to Diet Power


Irregular Heartbeat



Jenny Craig, Using Diet Power with

Joint Pain


Key Ratio

Keypad, Numeric

Kidney Disease

Kidney Stones

Labels, Food


Laughing, Involuntary

Leg or Arm Pain

License Agreement with Diet Power, Your

Licensing Diet Power

Lipids, Excess in Blood

Liver Disease

Log Your Meals in 5 Minutes a Day

Logging Exercise

Logging Foods

Logging Off

Logging On

Logging Your Measurements

Logging Your Weight

Loss of Appetite




Make $$$ as a Diet Power Dealer

Malabsorption Syndrome



Mayo Clinic Diet, Using Diet Power with

Measurements, Graphing Your

Mediterranean Diets, Using Diet Power with

Menstrual Cycle, Recording Your

Menstrual Problems

Meeting Other Diet Power Users

Metabolife, Using Diet Power with

Midnight, What Happens After

Milk-Alkali Syndrome

Miscellaneous Options

Missing Cursors

Mistakes, Correcting Past

Monounsaturated Fat

Mouth, Cracks at Corners of

Mouth, Inflammation of

Mucous Membranes

Muscle Coordination

Muscle Cramps

Muscle Paralysis

Naming New Foods and Recipes

Nausea and Vomiting

Neurological Disease


Night Blindness

Numbness or Tingling, in Extremities

Numeric Keypad


Nutri/System, Using Diet Power with

Nutrient, Finding Foods Rich in a Particular

Nutrient History, Your

Nutrient Intake, Today's

Nutrient Profile, Viewing a Food's or Recipe's

Nutrients, Information on

Nutrients, Interaction of

Nutrition Coach, Your Personal

Nutrition Goals, Setting Your

Nutrition Quotient (NQ), Your

Nutrition Update Page, Diet Power's

Obese, How to Tell if You're

Old People, Nutrition Concerns of

Options, Miscellaneous

Ornish Plan, Using Diet Power with


Overweight, Definition of

Pain, Abdominal (Cramps)

Pain, Arm or Leg

Pain, Bone

Pain, Joint

Pancreatic Disease

Pantothenic Acid

Paralysis, Muscle

Password, Confirming after Choosing

Password, Entering when Logging On

Past Records, Viewing and Editing


Periods, Recording Your Menstrual

Personal Daily Allowances (PDAs)

Personal Daily Allowances (PDAs), Editing Your

Personal Icon, Starting Diet Power with a

Personal Information, Changing Your

Personal Information Form

Personal Information Form, First Use of

Personal Nutrition Coach, Your

Personal Records, Your

Personal Records, E-mailing Your

Phosphates, Excess in Blood


Plaque, Arterial

Poker Face

Polyunsaturated Fat

Portion Editor




Price of Diet Power

Print Setup

Prism Programs, Using Diet Power with

Pritikin Diet, Using Diet Power with

Projected Weight


Protein Power Diet, Using Diet Power with

Quick Food

Recipe Box

Recipe Box, Creating Recipes in

Recipe Box, Deleting Recipes from

Recipe Box, Editing Recipes in

Recipe Box, Editing Copies of Recipes in

Recipes, Filling in Ingredients, Etc., when Creating or Editing

Records, Correcting Your Past

Records, Your Personal

Records, E-mailing Your Personal

Registering Your Trial Copy of Diet Power

Reinstalling Diet Power

Report, System, Sending Yours to Diet Power

Reproductive Problems

Restaurant Foods, Nutrition Information on


Richard Simmons Program, Using Diet Power with


Saturated Fat

Saving Work

Scales, Bathroom

Scales, Food

Scientific Advisory Board, Diet Power's

Screen Colors, Adjusting Your


Searching the Dictionaries

Second Computer, Using Diet Power on Your


Selling Diet Power

Skin Disorders

Skin, Flushing of

Skin, Pale

Skipped Days

Sleep Problems

Slim-Fast, Using Diet Power with

Smoking and Tobacco


Somersizing, Using Diet Power with

Sores, Slow-Healing

Speech, Slurred

Starting Over

Status Bar, Switching On and Off


Success Gallery, Diet Power's

Sugar Busters, Using Diet Power with


Super Enter Key

Swelling, of Body Tissues

Swelling, of Mouth

Switching to a Different User During a Session

System Report, Sending Yours to Diet Power

Taskbar, Hiding to Make Screens Deeper

Taste, Dulled Sense of

Technical Support, Getting

Text-Entry Method, Creating a Diet With the


Thin for Life, Using Diet Power with

Thought, Food for

Thyroid, Overactive

Tingling or Numbness, in Extremities

Tobacco and Smoking

Tongue, Smooth


Tooth Decay

Topic, Help

TOPS, Using Diet Power with

Total Fat

Travel Disk, Copying Records to or from a

Tremors, Hand

Trial, Extending Your Free

Trial Copy, Converting to Permanent Version

Uninstalling Diet Power

Units of Measure, Acceptable

Units of Measure, Converting

Upgrades and Accessories

User, Deleting a

User, Enrolling a New

User List

User, Restoring from a Travel Disk

User, Switching to a Different

Users, Meeting Other Diet Power

Values, Daily


Vertigo (Dizziness)

Vibration, Inability to Sense

View Menu

Vision, Blurred

Vitamin A

Vitamin B1

Vitamin B2

Vitamin B6

Vitamin B12

Vitamin C

Vitamin D

Vitamin E

Vitamin Pills, Logging

Vomiting and Nausea



WaterMinder", The


Weighing Yourself, Tips on

Weight Goal, Setting Your

Weight History, Your

Weight-Loss Programs, Drugs, and Cookbooks¯Using Diet Power with Other

Weight Watchers, Using Diet Power with

Weight, Ideal

Weight, Logging Your

Weight, Projected

What's New in This Version of Diet Power?

Word Processor, Diet Power's

Working Date, Changing Your

Xenadrine, Using Diet Power with


Zone Diet, Using Diet Power with





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