Password, Entering when Logging On


If you've recorded a secret password on your Personal Information Form, Diet Power will ask for the password before taking you into each work session. Type the password in the box that appears; then click OK.


If you enter the wrong word or commit a typing error, Diet Power will give you a Wrong Password alert. If you enter the right word and still get the alert, perhaps you've inadvertently clicked some other user's personal icon or highlighted the wrong name on the User List. Get rid of the alert (by clicking OK or pressing the Escape key), and Diet Power will return you to the User List. Make sure you highlight your name; then try your password again.


If you still can't get into the program, you may be misremembering your password. This can be a big problem. To keep other people out of your files, Diet Power has made it difficult for anyoneeven a computer programmerto ferret out your password. Your only practical alternatives are to:


   try different spellings. It's possible that when you first recorded your password, you accidentally hit a key above, below, or beside the one you intended. (This isn't likely, however, since Diet Power immediately asked you to confirm your password by typing it a second time.)


   think back. Maybe you changed your password at some point and are mistakenly using the old one.


   as a last resort, consider registering as a completely new user, under a slightly different name or birth date. (This assumes that at least one of the nine user slots is still open. If all the slots are filled, you'll have to ask a current user to let him- or herself be deletedsee User, Deleting a.) The records you created under your old name won't be destroyedyou'll be able to look at them again if you ever do remember your password. But they won't enter into any calculations you perform under your new name, nor can they later be merged with your new records. As far as Diet Power is concerned, your old and new files will represent two different people.


To register as a new user:


1. Get rid of the Wrong Password alert (by clicking the OK button or hitting the Escape key). Diet Power will show you the User List.


2. Click the button labeled "I'd like to enroll as a new user." A blank Personal Information Form will appear.


3. Fill out the form, using a slightly different name or birth date. (Diet Power won't let you register unless either a) the first four letters of the first name or b) the first four digits of the birth date differ by at least one character from those you used the first time you registered. Thus, if you registered as Margaret born on 06/17/69 the first time, you couldn't register as Margo born on your actual birth date the second time, but you could register as Margaret born one day later or as Maggie born on your real birth date.)


4. Click the form's OK button, and Diet Power will finish establishing you as a new user. (If you have a personal icon and want to keep using it, you'll have to link it up to your new user identity. The place to make the change is described in step 8 of Icon, Installing a Personal.)


(Note: Diet Power cannot be responsible for problems caused by forgetting a password.)