Icon, Installing a Personal


When you installed Diet Power on your hard drive, the program put a household icon on your Windows desktop. The icon looks like this:



To start up Diet Power, users normally 1) double-click the household icon and 2) choose their name from the User List.


Any user can bypass the second step, however, by equipping the desktop with a personal icon that takes him directly to his own files. (Diet Power will still prompt him to enter his password, however, if he's established one.) He can choose any of the following icons:


image\diet0000.gifThe same apple used as the household icon. (Not recommended, since it may cause confusion.)


image\diet0053.gifA hand of bananas.




image\diet0055.gifA carrot.


image\diet0029.gifTwo cherries.


image\diet0057.gifA cucumber.


image\diet0056.gifA bunch of grapes.


image\diet0068.gifA lemon.


image\diet0059.gifA pear.


image\diet0058.gifA plum.


image\diet0069.gifA giant strawberry.


image\diet0070.gifA turnip.


image\diet0060.gifA slice of watermelon.


To install a personal icon, start by creating a shortcut to your personal records


All users:


1. Make sure you know two things:


   Your user number. If you're the only user in your household, you're probably User No. 1the Master User. Otherwise, you can find your user number by looking at the User List.


   Whether any other users have installed personal icons. If they have, you can avoid trouble by picking an icon different from theirs.


2.  Close Diet Power. (You will be installing your personal icon from the Windows desktop.)


Windows 95/98 users:


3. On the desktop, point to the household icon and hold down your left mouse button and the Ctrl key, to make a copy of the icon.


4. Drag the copy of the icon to a different location on the desktop and release the mouse button and the Ctrl key. This copy is your personal iconor will be, after you complete the remaining steps.


5. Right-click the personal icon. A little menu will open.


6. Choose "Properties." The Properties dialog will open.


7. If it isn't already on top, bring the Shortcut page to the top by clicking the Shortcut tab.


8. If you accepted the detaults when installing Diet Power, the Target field will say "c:\program files\dietpower\diet.exe". (This tells Windows where to look when someone double-clicks the icon. If you installed Diet Power elsewhere, the line will read differently.) To create a personal icon, just insert a space after the final quotation mark in this line, followed by your user number.* If your user number is 2, for example, the line should read "c:\program files\dietpower\diet.exe" 2. (Make sure you preserve the quotation marks; these force Windows to accept an address that has a space in it.)


Windows 2000/XP users:


3.    Right-click on your desktop. A little menu will open.


4.    Choose New > Shortcut. A "Create Shortcut" wizard will open.


5.    Click the wizard's Browse button and navigate to your Diet Power program file, called Diet.exe. If you accepted the default when installing the program, the location will be C:\Program Files\DietPower\Diet.exe.


6.    When you've found Diet.exe, highlight it by clicking once.


7.    Click the Next button. Windows will write the program file's location into the wizard, placing it between quotation marks, like this: "C:\Program Files\DietPower\Diet.exe"


8.    After the final quotation mark, type a space followed by your user number.* For user number 2, this would make the address read as follows: "C:\Program Files\DietPower\Diet.exe" 2


9.    Click the Next button. A "Select a Title for the Program" dialog will open.


10.  Type in "My Personal Diet Power," or whatever label you want to appear under your personal icon.


11.  Click the Finish button. The wizard will close and your personal icon will appear on the desktop. It will be an apple, but you can change that by continuing to step 12.


12.  Right-click the personal icon. A menu will open.


13.  Choose Properties. A Properties dialog will open.


14.  If it isn't already on top, bring the Shortcut page to the top by clicking the Shortcut tab.


then choose an icon:


1.    Click the Change Icon button. The gallery of Diet Power icons will appear.


2.    Click the icon you want, to highlight it.


3.    Click the gallery's OK button. The gallery will disappear and the icon you've selected will replace the apple on the Shortcut page.


4.    Click OK again. The Properties dialog will vanish and the apple on the desktop will change into the personal icon you've chosen.


To start up Diet Power with your personal icon


double-click it, just as you would the household icon. Diet Power will open as usualexcept that now it won't bother you with the User List.



If you've forgotten your user number, you can instead enter your first name as reported when you enrolled in Diet Power. Or, in the rare event that another user in your household has the same first name, you can enter the name of your personal subfolder. A user named John who enrolled with the birth date 05/22/53, for instance, could add john to the target line. But if his son John, Jr., were also a user, the elder John would have to add john052253.)