Thought, Food for


Food for Thought is a piece of instructive or inspirational reading that Diet Power shows you each time you log on. It includes more than 500 items, ranging from insightful quotations to nutritional tips and pointers on getting the most out of Diet Power. Some items are tailored to you personallyyou may be the only user in your household who ever sees them. Others are viewed by everyone, although not always on the same day.


(If you don't want to see Food for Thought, you can turn the feature off. Just uncheck the box in its lower-left corner.)


You can save Food for Thought items by printing them at the time you read them (see below), but you can't search them out on subsequent occasionsyou can only wait until they happen to come round again.


When a Food for Thought item is showing on your screen, you have two choices:


To go into the main part of the program without printing the Thought


just click OK.


To print the Thought:


1. Point to the space to the left of the first character in the item and hold down the left mouse button.


2. Drag the cursor to the space just past the last character in the item and release the mouse button. The entire item should now be highlighted.


3. Press Ctrl+C. You won't see anything happen on your screen, but behind the scenes Windows will copy the highlighted text to the Clipboard. (If you'd rather use the mouse for this step, right-click anywhere except on the highlighted text to open the Edit Menu; then click "Copy.")


4. Open any Windows-based word processor, such as Word, Word Perfect, or WordPad.


5. Create a file into which you can paste the Food for Thought item.


6. Place the cursor in the file wherever you want the Thought to be pasted.


7. Open the word processor's Edit Menu.


8. Click "Paste." The Thought will be copied from the Clipboard into the file.


   (Shortcut: In most programs, you can press Ctrl+V instead of performing steps 7 and 8.)


9. Print the Thought, using the word processor's normal print function.



Last Modified: 3/11/04