Saving Work


"Saving" your work means writing all the changes you've made onto your hard drive, so they won't be lost if there's a power interruption, a system crash, a visit from a meddling toddler, or some other event that scrambles your computer's memory.


Unlike many other programs, Diet Power renders saving virtually automatic: any changes you've made in your records are written onto the hard drive every time you jump out of a dialog by pressing the Enter key or clicking OK or one of the special-purpose buttons like "Add Food to Dictionary" or "Update This Recipe." (These buttons are always at the bottom of the dialog. If you don't see any buttons there, click here to learn how to fix the problem.) Since virtually every task in Diet Power is performed within a dialog, and since you must close each dialog before you can open another or exit from Diet Power, you will seldom lose any workprovided you remember this:


Your work is generally not saved if you close a dialog by clicking the X button, clicking the Cancel button, or pressing the Escape key. These usually discard the work.


There's a fail-safe, however: Anytime you click Cancel or the X button or press Escape, Diet Power won't discard your work without first asking you to confirm the order.


For complete information on saving work, read Help for the particular dialog you are working in. The information usually appears at the very end of the Help topic, under the heading "To close [this task]" or "To leave [this dialog]."