User, Restoring from a Travel Disk


If you've saved a user's records on a travel disk, you can restore them to an installation of Diet Power that does not yet include him as a user.


To restore a user from a travel disk:


1. Start up Diet Power and enroll the former user as a new user. Make sure he enters exactly the same first name and birth date as before. Otherwise, Diet Power will refuse to import his files from the travel disk.


2. While his first session is still running, put his travel disk into the drive from which you want to copy. (In these instructions, we'll assume it's the A: drive.)


3. From Diet Power's Home Screen, open the User Menu by clicking the word User.


4. Choose "Travel Bag." The Travel Bag dialog will open.


5. Click the Import tab.


6. Type "A:\" in the SOURCE field and click OK. Diet Power will copy the new user's old files and remove the Travel Disk dialog, leaving you back at the Home Screen. The program should now reflect all of the work he did before making the travel disk, as well as the work he's done during this first session. (If it doesn't, try closing the program and restarting it.)