Free Trial Copy, Converting to Permanent Version


Diet Power's free trial copy lets you test-drive the program before buying it. You may duplicate and distribute the trial copy to any number of people without charge. To convert it to a permanent version, however (see below), each recipient must pay a license fee and abide by the terms described in License Agreement with Diet Power, Your.


The price depends on whether you're unlocking your trial copy with a First Key, an Upgrade Key, or a Spare Key; or overwriting the trial copy with a paid copy acquired by downloading or on a CD-ROM. For details, see our online Health Shop, or contact us.


Buy a CD!


Instead of just buying a key, we strongly recommend including a CD-ROM with your order. Two reasons:

  1. Your key works on only one computer. If you want to install Diet Power on your laptop or work computer, too, your license agreement may allow this -- but you'll need to buy a Spare Key for each machine. Spare Keys aren't expensive, but you can save yourself the trouble of buying them by adding a CD to your order.

  2. A CD will protect you in case you lose your Diet Power in a hard-drive crash.

You Won't Lose Your Records


Converting to the paid version won't harm the food, exercise, and weight logs or the calendar notes you've accumulated during the trial period -- even if you've let the trial expire. Any recipes, foods, or exercises you've added to the dictionaries will also be preserved. So will Diet Power's understanding of your metabolic rate and nutrient balance.


Converting the Free Trial to the Permanent Version

  1. Have your checkbook, PayPal account information, or your Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover card number and expiration date handy.

  1. Start up your free trial of Diet Power and click the "Buy Now" button. The Unlocking Your Trial dialog will open.

  1. Follow the directions in the Unlocking Your Trial dialog.

You can also order by fax, mail, or e-mail:

  1. Prepare a message to Diet Power that includes all of the following:

  1. Send the message to Diet Power's sales department at the address, e-mail, or fax number listed on our contact page.

We'll fill your order as soon as we receive your credit-card number or check.




See our contact page.



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Last Modified:2/25/06