Food Coach


The Food Coach is a tool in the Nutrient History and Nutrient Summary that shows which foods to seek and which to shun if you want to improve your nutrient balance. It identifies two kinds of foods:

To open the Food Coach:

  1. Open the Nutrient History or the Nutrient Summary.

  1. Click the name or color bar of the nutrient on which you want advice. A list of the foods you've eaten that contain the most of that nutrient will open.

How it Works


Let's describe it by example: You're looking at the Past Week tab in your Nutrient History, and you click on "Magnesium." The Food Coach performs the following steps, all in a fraction of a second:

  1. Adds up all the magnesium you've gotten from all the foods you've eaten during the past week,

  1. Divides by seven, to get your average daily magnesium intake,

  1. Compares your daily average with your Personal Daily Allowance (PDA), and


Bottom line: Follow the Food Coach's advice, but not slavishly. Temper it with your own instincts and the advice of your doctor.


To close the Food Coach... either its OK button or its Cancel button.



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Last Modified: 2/6/04