Logging Off


This means saving your work and ending your session, either by exiting from Diet Power or letting another user log on.


If you're the only user in your household, you can safely leave a session running all day. But it's best to return to your Home Screen each time you finish a spell of work, because then the work will automatically be saved.


If you leave Diet Power running and the clock passes midnight, any snacks you record in your Food Log will count as today's intake unless you first exit from Diet Power and start up the program again. This is not a bad thing, however: any eating that will influence tomorrow morning's weight entry should be logged beforehand.


You must restart Diet Power each morning before logging your new weight, however. Reason: The program assumes the date has not changed until it gets a peek at the clock in your computerand it checks the clock only during startup.


To log off:


From your Home Screen:


   Open the User Menu (by clicking the word User) and choose "Exit from Diet Power"




   Click Diet Power's X button




   Double-click the program's Control Menu icon




   Let another user log on. See User, Switching to a Different.