Reinstalling Diet Power


If you've uninstalled Diet Power or lost the use of your original installation through file corruption or some other hard-drive problem, you can reinstall the program. You can also restore the records of users whose files you have saved on travel disks.


There are two ways to reinstall:


   From installation disks. These are either the CD-ROM that you bought from Diet Power or one of its distributors, or the CDR or Zip disk you made yourself by following the instructions in "Installation Disks, Making."


   From the self-extracting file that you downloaded from Diet Power's web site. There are several versions of this file, but its name always begins with "DP" and ends with ".exe." If you haven't deleted the file, you'll probably find it in the \Windows\Temp folder on your hard drive. It will most likely be named DPtrial.EXE or DPtrialMMDDYY.EXE, where MMDDYY is the date when the trial was released.


Before you reinstall


realize that, even if you used Diet Power's "uninstall" procedure to remove the program from your hard drive, all user records will still be present in your C:\Program Files\Diet Power 4.0 folder (assuming that's where you installed the program). This means that the records will show up in the reinstalled Diet Power. If you don't want them to show up, you'll need to move them to some other folder before reinstalling. To identify the records, see Personal Records, Your.


To reinstall from the self-extracting file that you downloaded:


1. Find the file (using My Computer or Windows Explorer) and double-click it, just as you did the first time you installed the program.


2. Follow the instructions that appear on your screen.


To reinstall from installation disks:


1. Put the Zip disk or CD into its drive.


2. Using Windows Explorer, navigate to the Zip disk or CD.


3. Double-click the Diet Power program file. For the free-trial version it is always named DPtrialMMDDYY.exe; for the paid version DPMMDDYY.exe, where MMDDYY is the file's release date.


4. Follow the instructions that appear.


To restore users' records


follow the procedure in User, Restoring from a Travel Disk.



Last Modified: 3/10/04