Personal Records, Your


Diet Power stores all of your personal informationfrom your height to your calendar notes to how far you jogged and what you ate last Wednesdayin a personal subfolder that contains no other information. This makes it easy to delete a user from the program without affecting other users. (See User, Deleting a.) It also enables you to carry your records back and forth between your home and office computers. (See Travel Disk, Copying Records to or from a.)


Your personal subfolder is created the first time you use Diet Power, when you click OK after filling out the Personal Information Form. The subfolder is named after youyour first name followed by your birth date in MMDDYY form. Thus, if your name is Helen and you were born on July 4, 1976, your personal subfolder will be named \Helen070476. And since the subfolder branches immediately off the Diet Power folder, your full address (assuming you installed Diet Power in the default folder) will be c:\Program Files\Diet Power\Helen070476.


Within your personal subfolder are seven kinds of files. Here are their names and what they contain:


   MMDDYYYY.FD is the file containing your Food Log for the date MM/DD/YYYY.


   MMDDYYYY.EXR is the file containing your Exercise Log for MM/DD/YYYY.


   FAVORITE.FD is the list of favorite foods that you keep in the middle window of your Food Log.


   FAVORITE.EXR is your list of favorite exercises from the Exercise Log.


   NOTES.INF is all of your calendar notes.


   PERSONAL.INF contains the facts from your Personal Information Form, as well as your personal preferences: which screen you've selected to be your Home Screen, when your food and exercise logs should be purged, whether you want to see Food for Thought, where you are in the cycle of Food for Thought items, and so on.


   HISTORY.INF contains all your historical data: the figures displayed in your Nutrient History, Body History, Calorie Tally, and Calorie Bank; whether you've logged your weight yet today; and similar facts.


Three Things Your Personal Subfolder Doesn't Contain:


Some of the records you create are not stored in your personal subfolder, because other users in your household may need them:


    The foods you've added to the Food Dictionary by entering nutrition facts from their labels. All user-added foods are kept in a file called USER.FD, stored in your main Diet Power folder so that other users in your household can see them in the dictionary. (If you accepted the defaults when installing Diet Power, your main folder is c:\Program Files\Diet Power.)


    The recipes you've added to the Food Dictionary by using the Recipe Box. These are kept in a file called RECIPE.FD, stored in your main Diet Power folder.


    The exercises you've added to the Exercise Dictionary. All user-added exercises are kept in a file called USER.EXR, stored in your main Diet Power folder.