What's New in This Version of Diet Power?


You are now using Diet Power 4.0, released on January 1, 2004. (Your copy may have a newer "build date," however, as we make minor revisions from time to time. To check the build date, click Help > About at the top of your Home Screen.) Diet Power 4.0 offers 14 major advances over its immediate predecessor, Version 3.3,* released on October 23, 2002:


Ask the Food Coach what you like to eat that will make you healthier.

Monitor your carbs, fat, cholesterol, or 30 other nutrients on the fly.

Chart up to six body measures of your own choosing.

Become a smarter eater by watching your Nutrition Quotient, a single number reflecting your dietary balance.

Automatically adjust your water budget for exercise temperature.

Try some of the 101 dishes we've added to our Recipe Box.

Choose a constant calorie budget or one that adapts to your metabolism.

Record meals in either metric or English measure.

Plan menus by logging foods on future dates.

Delve into our updated Help system.

Earn extra calories from 1000 kinds of exercise.

E-mail your recipes to friends.

Automatically adjust your calorie budget for sodium intake.

Record your running, cycling, swimming, or any other exercise to the nearest second.



*To see how 4.0 differs from even earlier versions, visit www.dietpower.com/upgrade.htm.



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