Diet History, Your


At a Glance


The Diet History is a table that chronicles your daily weight, calorie intake, and metabolic rate.






In Detail


Your Diet History is a chronology showing your weight, metabolic rate, and calorie consumption for each day since you enrolled in Diet Power.


To open your Diet History:


From your Home Screen:


Interpreting the History


The summary for each day is a single line, and the days are listed in chronological order, from your enrollment date at the top to today's date at the bottom. From left to right, the figures in each line are:

Your Math May Not Agree


In theory, if you add yesterday's "Remaining" and "In the Bank" figures, you should get today's bank balance. Sometimes you won't, however. That's because Diet Power occasionally adjusts the balance by a few calories to keep it true to your performance. If you're two pounds above today's target weight, for example, your balance should be -7000 calories, because each new pound of body weight represents 3500 calories of overeating. The adjustments occur only when your bank balance and weight disagree by more than one pound, however -- and even then, the adjustment is never more than 5 percent of the disagreement. You can think of these 5-percent adjustments as bank charges or credits declared to help balance your books.


Color Coding


Red figures are phantom data, filled in by Diet Power because you logged no foods that day. In each case, the program assumes your net intake was the same as your average for the preceding 30 days,* plus or minus a percentage based on your weight change that day. (For details, see Skipped Days.)


Blue lines show when you began a new diet. (In the rare event that you began a diet but logged no foods that day, this color will supersede the red described above.)


Black lines indicate normal days, when you neither started a new diet nor left your Food Log blank.



If you haven't been using Diet Power that long, for your pre-enrollment dates it uses data for an average person of your weight and sex.




The Print button at the bottom of your Diet History will print the complete history.


To revisit any day in the history...


...double-click the date you're interested in. Diet Power will automatically change the working date to the day in question and take you back to the Home Screen. From there, you can open any option and review or revise the day's work.


When you're finished, change the working date back to today by doing any of the following:

To close your Diet History... the Close button or press Enter or Escape on your keyboard.



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