Weight-Loss Programs, Drugs, and CookbooksUsing Diet Power with Other


Although it's effective by itself, Diet Power can also be used with other weight-loss regimens, either to increase their power or to find out quickly whether you need to switch. Here are some of the diets and cookbooks that people use with our software:


  Active Wellness

  American Heart Association


  Cooking Light

  Diet Center




  Jenny Craig

  Mayo Clinic



  Ornish Plan



  Protein Power

  Richard Simmons



  Sugar Busters

  Thin for Life


  Weight Watchers



There are many others. (If yours isn't on the list, e-mail us.)


You can also use Diet Power with Dexatrim, Herbalife, Meridia, Metabolife, Xenical, Xenadrine, and other weight-loss drugs. It maximizes any weight-loss system, because it exploits a truth that all diets must obey: You can't lose weight unless your net intake of caloriesthose eaten minus those burned in exerciseis less than your body needs to maintain its weight.


Diet Power works by "learning" precisely how many calories your body needs, so that you can eat slightly fewer or work off slightly more and lose weight at exactly the rate you want. It "learns" your calorie needs by comparing your weight change with your eating and exercise histories, which you record in your Food and Exercise logs. If it notices a change in your requirements, it raises or lowers your calorie budget to keep your weight loss on track.


To use Diet Power with another program, then, you need only:


1.    Set the same goal weight and target date in Diet Power that you've established in the other program,


2.    Eat and exercise as the other program advises?but log both activities in Diet Power, too,


3.    Adjust the amount of your eating and exercise to stay within the daily calorie budget that Diet Power calculates for you.


If the other program makes you too hungry or lowers your calorie needs too much, then it isn't right for you and you ought to switch. Whatever you choose as a replacement, however, it helps to use Diet Power as a monitor and adviser.