Keypad, Numeric


If your computer's keyboard is equipped with a numeric keypad, you can enter numbers with the keypad instead of the traditional row of numeral keys across the top of the board. (A numeric keypad has the ten digits in a compact, one-handed array like that on calculators and adding machines. Most desktop computers have such a pad at the extreme right end of the keyboard. On many laptops, part of the standard keyboard can be transformed into a numeric keypad by holding down a function key.)


The numeric keypad is especially handy when you're adding new items to the Food Dictionary, because it speeds the entering of nutrient data from food labels. (For jumping from nutrient to nutrient, you can also use either the adjacent Super Enter key or the arrow keys instead of the Tab key, which is too far away for one-handed data entry.


To use the numeric keypad


just find it and punch away. It works throughout Diet Power.