Text-Entry Method, Creating a Diet with the


The Text-Entry Method is an alternative page in the Goal Setter that lets you specify your goal weight with unusual precision: to the nearest tenth of a pound. (The Click-and-Drag Method, by contrast, sets your goal weight only to the nearest whole pound.)


To open the Text-Entry-Method page


jump into the Goal Setter and click the tab labeled "Text-Entry Method." This will bring the Text-Entry page to the top of the stack.


To specify your diet goals:

  1. Choose the type of calculation you want. Click "Use what Diet Power has learned about my metabolism" if you've logged most of your foods and exercise on most days for the past month. But if your record is spotty, click "Assume I'm a new user." In that case, Diet Power will start with an average metabolic rate for your age, sex, and size, but within a few days will relearn your true metabolic rate.

  1. In the blocks provided, type your target date in M/D/Y form and your goal weight to the nearest pound or tenth of a poundwhichever you prefer.

To adopt the diet:

  1. Choose the type of calorie budget you wantconstant or continually adjusted to your metabolism.

  1. Click the Adopt button. Diet Power will replace your current diet (if any) with the new one, change your daily calorie budget to reflect the new goals, and draw a fresh line on your Weight History that you'll need to stay under (or over, if you're on a weight-gain diet) in order to reach your goal by your target date.

A Safeguard


If you try to enter a weight that causes your calorie budget to fall below 1200 calories per day, Diet Power will warn that this may have you eating too little for adequate nutrition. You can ignore the warning (by clicking OK and going about your business), but Diet Power urges you to design a safer diet instead. (Obviously, eating fewer than 1200 calories per day is more likely to be hazardous if you're a big person with a high metabolic rate than if you're a small person with a low metabolic rate. Ask your doctor for advice.)


To read a description of the diet before adopting it


click the tab labeled "Diet Description." If the diet seems unsuitable, you can click either the Text-Entry tab or the Click-and-Drag tab to try new goals.


To close the Text-Entry Method page:


If you want to stay in the Goal Setter, click one of the other tabs at the top of the screen.


If you want to leave the Goal Setter, click the Adopt Diet button or press the Enter key to begin the diet you've just designed, or click Cancel or press the Escape key if you'd rather stick with the diet you already have. (If the Adopt Diet and Cancel buttons are not visible, see Taskbar, Hiding to Make Screens Deeper.)



Last ModifiedL 3/11/04