Recipe Box, Deleting Recipes from


Any user can delete any recipe from the Recipe Boxincluding the 101recipes preinstalled by Diet Power. (Think twice before deleting a recipe, however, since all users share the same Recipe Box.)


Although every recipe appears in the Food Dictionary as well as in the Recipe Box, recipes can be deleted only from within the Recipe Box.


To delete a recipe:


1. On the Recipe Box page, highlight the recipe you want to delete, by clicking it.


2. Click the button labeled "Delete Selected Recipe."


3. When Diet Power asks you to confirm your decision, click Yes.


To leave the Recipe Box page:


If you want to stay in the Recipe Box, click one of its other tabs, and the other page will come to the top.


If you want to leave the Recipe Box, click the OK or the Cancel button, or press the Escape key. (If the OK and Cancel buttons are not visible, see Taskbar, Hiding to Make Screens Deeper.) Diet Power will take you back to the Home Screen.