Password, Confirming after Choosing


If you've recorded a secret password on your Personal Information Form, when you click OK to leave the form, Diet Power will ask you to confirm your password by typing it again. This is to make sure that you remember it correctly and that you didn't type it wrong the first time. If your second entry differs from the original, you'll get a Wrong Password alert. When that happens:


1. Get rid of the alert, by clicking the OK button


2. Type a password on the Personal Information Form again. (Or, if you've changed your mind and don't want to establish a password, just leave the password field empty.)


3. Click the form's OK button. If you haven't entered a password this time, Diet Power will close the form and take you farther into the program, skipping steps 4 and 5, below. If you have entered a password, the Password Confirmation window will open again.


4. Retype the password, taking care to enter it exactly as you did on the Personal Information Form.


5. Click the Password Confirmation window's OK button. Diet Power will take you farther into the program.