Buying Diet Power


Prices are posted in our Health Shop at...




If you're still using Diet Power's free 15-day trial...


...the best way to purchase a permanent license is by starting up the program again, clicking the Buy Now button, and following the instructions that appear. You can find a description of the process at Free Trial Copy, Converting to Permanent Version.


If you aren't using the trial... have several options for buying. Visit our Health Shop at or (less efficient, but always possible) phone, fax, or e-mail us.


If you already own Diet Power and want to install it on a second computer...


...or reinstall it on the same computer, you can download the free trial from and a) if it's the same version you've already licensed and b) if it will be used only by the original licensees (no more than nine people, all living full-time in your household), you can get a Spare Key from our Health Shop at for a nominal processing fee.


Get the CD!


If you started with a free 15-day trial of Diet Power, you can make it work permanently by buying an unlock code or "key." Nevertheless, we strongly urge you to add a CD to your order, as well. Two reasons:

  1. Your key works on only one computer. If you want to install Diet Power on your laptop or work computer, too, your license agreement may allow this -- but you'll need to buy a Spare Key for each machine. Spare Keys aren't expensive, but you can save yourself the trouble of buying them by adding a CD to your order.

  2. A CD will protect you in case you lose your Diet Power in a hard-drive crash.




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Last Modified: 2/25/06