Help, Using


You are now reading a Help topic called "Help, Using." Diet Power has 512 topics in its Help system. Like this one, 297 are "jump" topicsfull-length discussions that you can leap into from other topics. The other 215 are "popups"short glosses that you can open and close without leaving the topic you're in.


You can reach new topics in at least eight different ways:


   by clicking a green word or phrase that has a dotted underline. This opens a popup. (Try the one in this paragraph.) To close the popup, just click anywhere in the Help window.


   by clicking a green word or phrase that has a solid underline. This jumps you to a different Help topic. (Try jumping to this Help topic.)


   by clicking the Back button at the top of the Help window. This returns you to the last jump topic you were in. Clicking the button again takes you to the jump topic you visited before that oneand so on.


   by clicking the forward Browse button, marked with the symbol >>. This jumps you to the next topic in the Help system's browse sequence.


   by clicking the reverse Browse button, marked with the symbol <<. This jumps you to the preceding topic in the browse sequence.


   by clicking the Contents button. This whisks you to the Table of Contents, which lists all of the jump topics in Help. From there, you can click any topic to open it.


   by clicking the Glossary button. Diet Power will jump you to an alphabetical list of all the popup (definition) topics, each ready to be clicked and opened.


   by clicking the Search button. An index of key words and phrases will open. Double-click any item to search for it.


The Help system also contains links to Web sites. Web links are always blue, like this link to Diet Power's home page. When you click them, they open the Web page in a separate Windowbut Diet Power continues running in the background. To return to the Diet Power Help window, click this icon on your taskbar:


Using the "What's This?" Function


Diet Power also includes a "What's This?" function that explains most features on your screen, no matter which dialog you're in. You can probably learn the program by using "What's This?" alone. Here's how:


1.  Right-click any button, box, text field, tab, or other feature on your screen. A little "What's This?" banner will usually appear.


2.  Click the "What's This?" banner. A window will pop up, explaining what the feature is and how to use it.


3.  When you're finished reading, click anywhere and the popup will close.


To print a Help topic:


1. Navigate to the topic, using one of the methods above.


2. Click the Print button at the top of the Help window. Diet Power will open the Windows Print dialog.


3. Change your print settings, if necessary.


4. Click OK.


To close Help:


   press the Escape key




   click the Help window's X button: image\diet0044.gif




   double-click the window's Control Menu icon: image\diet0067.gif




   open the File Menu at the top of the Help window (by clicking the word File there) and choose "Exit."