Weight, Projected


Your Weight History graph shows not only your actual weight for each date, but also your projected weightthe weight you'll reach on your target date if you continue eating and exercising as you have for the past 30 days. The projected weight is depicted by a straight green line extending from 30 days ago to your target date. (If you haven't been using Diet Power that long, the program assumes "phantom data" for each missing day, based on your weight, sex, age, and other factors.)


Don't be confused by this line. Diet Power doesn't know the weight you will reach on your target date, any more than you do. The program is merely drawing a best-fit line through your past 30 days' weights and extending that line into the future.


Don't be frustrated by it, either. You may lose a lot of weight in the first few days of a diet, but since the baseline for the projected weight is 30 days, your initial loss may swing the projection far less than you hope. Just remember: if you faithfully record your foods and exercise and stick to your calorie budget, in the long run you will reach your goal on your target date. (See "Calorie Budget" to understand why this is so.)