Food Dictionary, Deleting Foods from


Any user can delete any food that a user has added to the Food Dictionary. (Foods original to Diet Power cannot be deleted.) User-added foods are easy to spot. They are always preceded by a special symbol: image\diet0050.gif


Recipes can also be deleted from the dictionarybut this must be done from within the Recipe Box. For instructions, jump to Recipe Box, Deleting Recipes from.


Before deleting a food


make sure you understand the following points:


   The deleted food will no longer be available to any users in your household, because all share the same dictionary.


   Once the food has been deleted, it can't be undeleted.


   If the deleted food has been used as an ingredient in a recipe you've created, the food's name and nutrient data won't be lost from the recipe, even though they've disappeared from the dictionary. You will even be able to edit the amount of the ingredient in the recipe. But if you delete the ingredient when it's no longer in the dictionary, all traces of it will be gone and you won't be able to restore it as a recipe ingredient unless you first restore it to the Food Dictionary.


   Similarly, if you've ever recorded the deleted food in your Food Log, and if that day's log hasn't been purged, then the food's name and serving size will still be present and editable in the log, even though the food is gone from the dictionarybut if you delete the food from the log, you will no longer be able to re-log it unless you first restore it to the dictionary.


To delete a food from the dictionary:


1. If you're at the Home Screen, open the dictionary, by:


   clicking the Food Dictionary button: image\diet0031.gif




   opening the Food Menu (by clicking the word Food) and choosing "Food Dictionary."


2. On the dictionary's main page (labeled "Dictionary"), find the food you want to delete, by either scrolling or searching (see Dictionaries, Searching the).


3. Highlight the food, by clicking its name.


4. Click the button labeled "Delete Selected Food." You'll be asked to confirm the order before it is carried out.


To close the dictionary after deleting a food


click the Close button or press the Escape key. (If the Close button is not visible, see Taskbar, Hiding to Make Screens Deeper.)