Diet, Designing Your First


To finish calculating your nutrient requirements, Diet Power needs to know how much weight you want to gain or lose, and how fast. The goals you set here are preliminaryyou can revise them at any time.


The only permanent weight change is slow change. Diet Power recommends losing or gaining no more than a pound or two per week. (A few medical situations may demand more rapid change. Ask your doctor.)


To specify your goals:


In the blocks provided, type your goal weight (to the nearest pound or tenth of a pound, whichever you prefer) and your target date (in M/D/Y form).


If you want to maintain your current weight


it doesn't matter what's in the blockssee "To close the Goals page," below.


A Safeguard


If you set goals that are too stringent for adequate nutrition, Diet Power will alert you. You can ignore the warning (by clicking OK and going about your business), but Diet Power urges you to design a more conservative diet instead.


To close the Goals page:


If you'd like to maintain your current weight, click the Cancel button. Diet Power will ignore whatever is typed in the goal blocks and set up a maintenance diet instead.


If you want to lose or gain weight, make sure you've entered your goals correctly; then click the OK button or press the Enter key. Diet Power will set up the diet you've described.


If you've decided not to enroll after all, you'll have to finish the enrollment, then either delete your files or ask another user of this installation of Diet Power to delete them for you. To finish enrolling, click OK or Cancel (it doesn't matter which) and follow the remaining steps until you arrive at the Home Screen (the one with the big apple on it). From there, open Help and read the topic titled "User, Deleting a." (If you don't want to bother deleting your files, that's okay as long as some other user doesn't need the space. The personal edition of Diet Power can handle up to nine users.)