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You can choose between two kinds of Home Screens:


A. Logo Screen

B. Body History Screen


As shown above, the Home Screen is the one displaying either

  1. The Diet Power logo (the big red apple you saw the first time you logged on)


  1. One of 40 graphs you may choose from your Body History, plus (under the graph) your Calorie Tally and Nutrition Quotient (NQ).

The Home Screen appears whenever Diet Power is running but you're not working in any particular dialog. Its toolbar and menus (at the top) are your gateway to all of Diet Power's options.


To select your Home Screen:

  1. If you are not already at the Home Screen, close the dialog you are working in. This is usually done by clicking OK (if you want to save your work), Cancel (to discard the work), or Close (if you're in a dialog that's for reference only).

  1. Open the View Menu, by clicking the word View.

  1. Click "Choose Home Screen." The Choose Home Screen dialog will open, offering you a choice of either the Diet Power logo or a graph of one of the 40 variables that the program monitors.

  1. Click your choice. (For guidance, see Home Screen, Choosing Your.)

  1. Click the OK button. The dialog will close, taking you back to the Home Screen that you selected.

Shortcut: Right-click anywhere on the Home Screen and choose from the menu that appears.


To jump into any option from your Home Screen:

or (for some options)

To jump back to your Home Screen...


...just close the dialog you are working in. As explained above, this is usually done by clicking an OK, Cancel, or Close button. (If these buttons are not visible, see Taskbar, Hiding to Make Screens Deeper.) Many dialogs can also be closed by pressing the Enter key.



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Last Revised: 2/7/04