Duration Editor with Speed and Distance


At a Glance


The Duration Editor with Speed and Distance lets you report how long and how fast you performed an exercise that you're logging.






In Detail


This is a special Duration Editor for exercises that vary widely in speed. It pops up in the Exercise Log each time you begin recording (or revising) a session of running, jogging, bicycling, cross-country skiing, swimming, walking, or any other activity labeled "SPEED-FACTORED" in the Exercise Dictionary. The dialog shows the activity's burn rate and asks you to enter the number of minutes and the speed or distance you covered, so that Diet Power can calculate how many calories you burned. (Tip: You can enter these numbers with either the numeric keypad or the traditional number keys.)


To use the Duration Editor with Speed and Distance:

  1. Fill in any two of the following:

  1. Click the field you didn't fill in. Diet Power will calculate the correct entry for that field and enter it for you. (If this changes the speed that was already in the block, Diet Power will also recalculate the figure in the Burn Rate field.)

  1. Click the radio button indicating the average air temperature where you exercised. This won't affect your calorie-burn calculation, but it will help the WaterMinder adjust more accurately for perspiration loss.

  1. Click OK or press the Enter key. The Duration Editor will vanish, and the workout you've described will appear in the Exercise Log.

To close the Duration Editor without logging or revising a duration...


...click Cancel. The editor will disappear and the log will remain unchanged.



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Last Modified: 2/6/04