Cursors, Missing


On some computers, because of memory or hard-drive limitations, Diet Power may be unable to display three of its special-purpose cursors. Even though they are invisible, the cursors work. But in most cases you don't really need to use them, because Diet Power provides an alternative. Here are the cursors and alternatives.


image\diet0089.gifThe Date Picker, used for switching your session to a different working date by pointing to the date on your Body History graph and clicking. Even if you can't see this pointer, you can watch the dates reeling in the status bar as you move your mouse across the graph, and click when you see the date you want. If this proves difficult, however, you can use the Calendar function instead.


image\diet0048.gifThe COPY cursor, used for dragging items from window to window in the Food Dictionary, the Exercise Dictionary, and the Recipe Box. Here, Diet Power provides an alternative only for dragging items from the top (Dictionary) window into the middle (Favorites or Ingredients) window: instead of holding down the right mouse button and dragging the item, left-click the item once, to highlight it; then press Shift+Enter on your keyboard. (Note: This method won't work when "Esc clears this field" appears in the New Search box. In that case, press your Escape key first.)


image\diet0074a.gifThe Color Bar cursor, used for setting your Key Ratio in the Personal Daily Allowance Editor. Here, the alternative is to set your nutrient levels by typing them into the text fields above the color bars.