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The Toolbar is a row of 19 buttons across the top of your Home Screen. Each button is a shortcut to an option you would normally have to choose from a menu. Instead of opening the Exercise Menu and selecting "Exercise Log," for example, you can go directly to the Exercise Log by clicking the button bearing a picture of a runner (shown below).


It's easy to tell what each button does. Just move the mouse pointer onto it. A little tag will appear under the button, naming its function. (If you have the Status Bar displayed at the bottom of your screen, the tag will show up there, as well.)


From left to right, here are the buttons and what they do:


opens the User List, so you can switch to a different user's records or enroll a new user.

lets you zip and copy your personal records to or from a travel disk or into an e-mail, so you can keep them identical on your home and office computers, or save them as a backup in case of a hard-drive crash.

opens your Exercise Log, so you can record your workouts or check your Calorie Tally.

opens your Food Log, so you can record your meals or consult your Calorie Tally.

opens the Body Log, so you can record your weight and other variables you've set up.

opens your Nutrient History, so you can see your nutrient balance for today or the past week, month, quarter, or year, or ask the Food Coach to show you things to eat that will improve your diet.

opens the Diet History, so you can see your weights and calorie tallies for all past dates.

opens the WaterMinder™, so you can see whether you're getting enough water today.

opens the Exercise Dictionary, so you can look up the burn rates of various activities.

opens the Food Dictionary, so you can a) examine the nutrient profiles of the 21,000 entries in Diet Power's original food list, or b) add new foods or nutritional supplements to the dictionary by entering facts from their labels.

opens the Recipe Box, so you can use, create, read, print, or e-mail a recipe (or a favorite meal represented as a recipe).

opens the Goal Setter, so you can calculate a calorie budget by setting a goal weight and a target date.

opens the Calendar, so you can write calendar notes or change the working date to edit records from days in the past or plan meals for days in the future.

starts up the Windows Calculator. (Note: This button shouldn't be used when you've already got the calculator running in the background on your Taskbar. Instead, restore the calculator that's already running. If you don't know how to do that, see Windows Calculator.)

opens the Help system, so you can look up topics (like this one) that answer questions about Diet Power.

opens the Health Shop, where you can buy Diet Power, get spare keys to unlock installations for other members of your household, etc.

describes our Diet Power Dealer program, which offers free samples of Diet Power to your friends and, for each copy they buy, gives them a $2 discount and pays you a $5 commission.

opens your Web browser and takes you to a page where you can meet your Body Twin.

opens your Web browser and takes you to a special page for Diet Power users, where you can see the latest nutrition and fitness news, learn about Diet Power upgrades, and get other services.



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Last Modified: 5/23/05