In Brief

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WhistleDietPower Is an Eating Coach™

Installed on your PC, our software helps you lose weight on any diet—or no diet at all. Because it monitors your personal calorie needs instead of assuming you're average, it's the only program that guarantees reaching your goal weight on your target date. It also helps you balance your nutrients against heart disease, cancer, stroke, diabetes, osteoporosis, and other nutrition-related ailments.

Easy to Use

  1. Download the program to your PC. (No strings—We're Not That Kind of Company™.)
  2. Fill in the Personal Information Form.
  3. Tell the Goal Setter how much you want to weigh, and when.
  4. Each time you eat a meal, record it in your Food Log.
  5. Keep your Calorie Bank balanced and you cannot fail to reach your goal on schedule.
  6. Raise your Nutrition Quotient by choosing foods marked in green. This will balance 33 nutrients that keep you in tip-top health. (For advice on any nutrient, open your Nutrient History and ask the Food Coach.)
  7. Earn extra calories by logging your exercise.
  8. If you like the program, keep using it. If you don't, there's nothing to cancel or return. Simply uninstall it.

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