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DietPower is the only weight-loss software that guarantees success, because it tailors your calorie budget to your personal metabolism. It even adjusts your budget as your metabolism changes. This self-correction ensures that if you follow the program's advice, you will reach your goal on schedule. No other program can make that promise.

The Problem

By “metabolism” we mean the number of calories your body needs for maintaining your current weight. For an average 150-pound person, this might be 2000 calories per day. Your metabolism may differ by as much as 30 percent from the norm, however. If you’re on the low end of the range, eating those 2000 calories will make you gain 63 pounds a year. 

To make matters worse, everyone’s metabolism fluctuates. It rises or falls as you gain or lose weight, alter your diet, take certain drugs, change your exercise routine, or catch a cold or the flu. If you’re a woman, your metabolism may also ebb and flow with your menstrual cycle.

Despite these fluctuations, all weight-loss programs assume that your metabolism is average—except for DietPower.

DietPower's Solution


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Each time you log your weight, our Real-Time Eating Coach™ checks your metabolic rate by comparing your recent weight history with your eating and exercise histories. If it finds any variation, it adjusts your calorie budget to keep you tracking smoothly toward your goal.*

This self-correcting technology, called Calorie Feedback™, even allows for mistakes you make when logging meals. If you forget to log some of your foods or habitually underestimate your portion sizes, the program will automatically lower your just enough to cancel the error.

In addition, if you skip a day, a week, or even a month of logging, DietPower knows how to fill the gap with "phantom data" based on your recent averages and your weight change during the "silent" period.

What's more, if you gain weight because you retained water from eating salty foods, DietPower "knows" that the gain is only temporary, and reacts accordingly. It does the same for bloating associated with the menstrual cycle.


Thanks to these continual adjustments, if you stick to your calorie budget, DietPower guarantees that you'll reach your goal weight on your target date. Our software tracks most users within a pound or two for months. No other program even comes close.

For deeper insight...

...read "Calorie Budget" in DietPower's online help system.

You can choose a constant calorie budget instead, if you prefer.
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