piggy bankDietPower Pays for Itself!

(Note: This calculator is based on DietPower's old price, $27.95. Actually, the program is now free.)

Losing weight not only makes you healthier, but saves you money because a slimmer body requires fewer calories.  To calculate these savings and learn how quickly they'll pay for your DietPower, use the tool below.

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ft. in.
? lbs.
- - ?
? calories per day
Close Goal Weight
To find your ideal weight, look in the green "Healthy" zone on this chart.
Close Target Date
Plan on losing no more than a pound or two per week.  Otherwise, you may eat too little for good nutrition and your weight loss may be temporary.
Close New Exercise
Choose the number of calories per day that you plan to burn in exercise beyond your current level.  Adding a very fast (4 mph) walk will burn about 330 calories per hour if you weigh 150 pounds, 450 if you weigh 200, or 560 if you weigh 250.  (To track calories burned in more than 1000 other activities, download a free copy of DietPower's Personal Weight and Nutrition Coach™.)
Close Food Spending Level
Choose the level that describes your current spending.  The calculator assumes you'll continue spending at that level during your diet while eating less food.  "Thrifty" = lowest spending for a balanced diet.  "Low" = mostly store-brand products, few indulgences.  "Moderate" = average middle-income consumer.  "Liberal" = frequent indulgences.
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