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Below is DietPower's weight loss calorie calculator, which calculates a budget for reaching your goal weight on your target date. It also functions as a weight loss percentage calculator, showing the degree of change required for attaining your goal.

Besides weight loss, the calculator works for weight maintenance and weight gain.

Our weight loss calorie calculator is far more accurate than most, because a) it considers multiple factors that influence your metabolism, and b) it's been tested by more than 1 million users since 1988. (To see our scientific advisory board, click here.)

To get a more precise weight loss calorie calculator, download a free copy of DietPower's Eating Coach™. (No strings are attached—We're Not That Kind of Company™.) DietPower is the only program that guarantees reaching your goal by monitoring your metabolism.

This calculator is accurate within 5 percentage points for most users. (It's not meant for users who are pregnant or have metabolic disorders, however. See a doctor before dieting.) To get a weight loss calorie calculator that also helps you balance 33 nutrients against diabetes, cancer, and heart disease, download a free trial of DietPower's Personal Eating Coach™.

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Close Goal Weight
Your Goal Weight is the weight you want to achieve. (If it's a lot different from your current weight, you might want to set a goal that represents only the first step. Even a 10-percent weight loss will significantly improve your health.)
Close Target Date
Plan on losing no more than a pound or two per week.  Otherwise, you may eat too little for good nutrition and your weight loss may be temporary.
Close Lactating?
If you are breastfeeding, check this box and the calculator will add calories for producing milk.
Close Tobacco User?
Nicotine speeds your metabolism, making you burn calories faster. (That's why people who quit smoking gain weight.) Check this box if you average more than one cigarette, one-half pipeful, one-quarter of a cigar, or one dip of snuff or chewing tobacco per day.
Close Email Address
Once a month, DietPower will send you the most important nutrition news of the past 30 days, selected by national award-winning editors covering hundreds of medical journals. You can cancel this free, no-obligation service anytime with a single click. We produce it only to promote our weight-loss software. It won't put you on other mailing lists—We're Not That Kind of Company™.

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