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How Good Is Perfect Diet Tracker?

By Terry Dunkle, DietPower Editor-In-Chief*

Perfect Diet Tracker is a British program first released in 2007. It competes with DietPower®, an American program that my company introduced 15 years earlier. (Ironically, DietPower's original name was Perfect Diet.) Here's a comparison of the two products, based on a study reported in more detail elsewhere.

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Overall Ratings

Overall, DietPower earned five stars, Perfect Diet four. Both products are excellent. Functionally, DietPower is more versatile (see below). DietPower also offers phone support and is completely free. (Perfect Diet costs money and offers no phone support.) Appearance-wise, Perfect Diet's user interface is more impressive.


Here, DietPower earns five stars, Perfect Diet Tracker one star. Perfect Diet monitors eight nutrients. (For some reason, these don't include trans fat, which has been required on U.S. food labels since 2006.) DietPower monitors 33 nutrients.


DietPower scores five stars, Perfect Diet four stars. Perfect Diet seems generally accurate. It does not automatically adjust your calorie budget to your personal metabolism, however, as DietPower does.

Ease of Use

In this important category, both products won five stars. Both have logical and economical screen designs. Both perform searches rapidly. Both have clear, simple, and easy-to-interpret charts and graphs.


DietPower has five stars for onboard help, five for email support, and five for phone support. In the same three categories, Perfect Diet has three stars, four stars, and one star, respectively.

Company Attitude

DietPower earns five stars; Perfect Diet Tracker, three. Our study participants faulted Perfect Diet mainly for its lack of phone support and failure to provide a money-back guarantee.

For a much more detailed comparison, click here.


*Terry Dunkle is a 30-year veteran medical journalist and consumer advocate who serves as CEO and chief editor at DietPower, Inc., a leading maker of nutrition and weight-loss software.

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Last modified August 12, 2010

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